Art & Fashion

CONGRATULATIONS to our Art Competition winner (and youngest entrant)

Jhett L who won with his Spiders in the Flood Zone photograph.



Art Competition Winner 2010

Under the Fig Tree

Another clear winner chosen from online voting on, is Angela Ryder’s Under the Fig Tree a piece that like many of her paintings, started life out as an entirely different piece. This piece once depicted an alien landscape! But after layer upon layer of acrylics, spray paint and permanent marker, a fig tree emerged staring out from what was once a barren planet. Angela Ryder (aka A M R) is a self taught Brisbane based artist. Born in Redcliffe and raised in North Brisbane, she formed the punk band Shoot Down The Angels in 2003. After a long hiatus, she started painting again while pregnant with her first child Lola, who was born in 2009. Angela’s winning entry will be on display in the Art and Fashion Zone at Green Earth Festival.


Green with Envy - Fashion Competition Winner 2010

Concentric Circles On Red

Velvet Pesu from Kangaroon Point is the winner of the Green with Envy Fashion competition with her wearable art piece made entirely of recycled materials. Entitled Concentric Circles On Red Velvet’s piece is a woven recycled film skirt. Velvet will also perform at Green Earth Festival in the Film Zone at 5:30pm her spontaneous improvised expression through voice, sound, light and image featuring her highly distinctive decomposed texture based recycled art, woven film costume and the hand cranked projection of her Gutter Trash Films. Velvet describes her art and life as inseparable, each process informs the next, mapping her ephemeral collaborations with the temporal