About Green Earth Group Inc.

Green Earth Group is a not-for-profit environmental awareness group who aim to promote a better way of living – for us, for our animal friends and for our planet.
Green Earth Group is a group of like-minded people who aim to raise awareness to the environmental problems we are currently facing and to provide simple but effective ways in which every individual can make a positive change. Seeing the potential for educating and inspiring others to the environmental and cruelty-free lifestyle in Brisbane, Leigh-Chantelle started the Green Earth Group with a group of like-minded friends.
One of the ways the Green Earth Group is aiming to educate the mainstream to all things green, sustainable and cruelty-free is via Green Earth Day (previously Green Earth Festival 2010) in March 2011. The Green Earth Day will encourage people to make simple changes in their everyday lives to help our environment and the world we leave for generations to come. Green Earth Day aims to empower the community and the people within it to become more aware, more informed and thus more able to take action to implement the basic changes we need to help our planet.



Green Earth Group goals
·      Green Earth Group is a cooperative society whose principle purpose is to provide information and education on the impact of animal based industries on our natural environment.
·      Green Earth Group aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, land degradation, water and energy use by educating and promoting to the public on environmentally responsible, recycling, cruelty free and ethical alternatives to current food production and lifestyle choices
·      Green Earth Group aims to provide education, ensuring that this learning is passed onto others to encourage the wider community to make simple changes to support the health and integrity of our environment and the world we leave for generations to come
·      Green Earth Group aim to educate and promote the health and environmental benefits of consuming a plant-based diet
·      Green Earth Group aim to work with other already established groups and recently created groups who share our aims to form a community alliance
·      Green Earth Group conducts fundraising for charitable purposes to help with our above goals and strategies for the benefit of our local community and the community at large

Strategies for achieving our Goals
·     Continue to host Green Earth Day
·     Environmental outreach
·     Compile the Green Earth educational video
·     Host Green Earth Prom
·     Green Earth education market stalls
·     Various other fundraisers, seminars, talks that relate to our goals
Achievements thus far
·     Green Earth Festival 2010 (now Green Earth Day) attracted 3000-4000 people who attended talks, video viewings, sampled Green Cuisine, and supported local environmental and not-for-profit groups who share Green Earth Group’s aim of education
·     Green Earth Festival attracted over 50 volunteers from all walks of life, age groups and various areas of expertise
·     Green Earth Group has over 1200 people on the mailing list, over 700 members on our FaceBook pages, plus more followers on Twitter and YouTube
Green Earth Group has organised various seminars, talks and other educational events that many people have attended


Donations to Green Earth Group - Click here for Donations

Please become a member of the Green Earth Group to help us continue with our environmental education.

For only $20 per year you will receive regular updates and discounts for various services.

Your monetary help keeps the not-for-profit Green Earth Group on target with its aims for the future.


Committee Members

  • President: Leigh-Chantelle
  • Secretary: Renata Halpin
    • previous Secretary: Glenn Martin
  • Treasurer: we are currently looking to fill this position. Please contact usif you are interested in becoming the Green Earth Group Treasurer. This position will be voted for at the next meeting.
    • previous Treasurer: John Lynch


Please join the Green Earth Group for the following meetings in regards to planning of Green Earth Day which will take place on Saturday 12th March 2011 once again at the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. The meetings will start at 6:30pm sharp so please be on time.  Meetings usually go for about 2 hours.

Each meeting will be held in the back area at Loving Hut:
Shop 2, 1420 Logan Rd, Mount Gravatt 4122 (next door to the Coffee Club)


Green Earth Day meeting dates, all at Loving Hut, Mt Gravatt from 7pm:

Debrief (for GED) Tuesday 22nd March

Please bring along a positive and eager disposition, open mind, pen and paper – the more the merrier.